About India Housing Report

Housing is well understood as an indicator of economic prosperity with a magnified impact on GDP owing to its interlinkages with multiple sectors. Equally, it is a measure and predictor of human development, with potential multiplier effects on health, educational, social status and economic well-being. Moreover, housing – embedded as it is in how people live, work and dream – is a natural entry point to study spatial and economics transformations.

Against this backdrop, the India Housing Report is an online archive and periodic report that brings together the rich but disparate analytical work on housing in India, and explores new directions to study its complexities, intersections and novelties. The archive and associated report seek to catalyse a debate on current issues related to housing (affordability, adequacy, technology, finance, tenure) and linkages with key issues of urban transformations in India (livelihood, infrastructure, services, liveability, governance).

Our key entry question – What is the current state of housing in India and how is it changing? – provokes multiple enquiries: What is changing in how housing is produced and consumed? How are regulation, technological and financial innovation and behavioural changes impacting housing? How is housing linked with a broader set of transformations, both economically but also in the lived experience of people? How does the condition, location, consumption and utilisation of housing in India help us understand changes in economy, spatiality, services and infrastructure?

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