Mixed-use housing in Indian cities: a data snapshot

By and on August 3rd 2021

Mixed-use development has gained popularity in the field of urban planning, particularly in Indian megacities, where economic activity and residential lives are often situated in close proximity to each other. This data tale analyses NSSO data to provide a snapshot of residential houses reporting mixed-use in urban areas of India.

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Overview of urban house ownership in India

By on February 19th 2021

The pattern of house ownership in India varies significantly between rural and urban areas. As against 95% in rural areas, only 69% of the total households in India own houses. This pattern is not surprising as a large share of the total urban population are migrants. This note provides an overview of the house ownership in urban India.

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How social marginalisation impacts the quality of life in cities

By on February 9th 2021

Owning a house is a dream shared by many Indians. This dream is mediated by several realities, including social status. What does it mean to own a house for members of the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs), historically marginalised sections of society?

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