Housing finance access for those with unclear titles: Has the needle shifted?

Webinar on Friday, 30 July 2021, 5 PM IST onwards on Zoom, with a live-stream on Facebook

About the Webinar

For decades, the problem of delivering housing finance to those with unclear titles and informal incomes appeared insurmountable. While this is now changing, with housing finance companies finding innovative ways to document income, dealing with incomplete and unclear land titles is still a complex issue. We seem to be at an interesting moment of traction for owner-led housing construction. State government support for tenure security and digitisation of land records is growing and the country’s Housing for All programme is seeing maximum uptake in the beneficiary-led construction vertical. But are things really better for those who are unable to demonstrate clear title to their properties? What have been some of the innovations in this regard? What regulatory and implementation hurdles remain, what can the private sector do and what opportunities for collaboration emerge?


Ramesh Kumar,  Founder Chairman, Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance Pvt. Ltd.

Bijal Brahmabhatt, Director, Mahila Housing SEWA Trust

Manikandan K.P., Institution Builder, Indian Housing Federation

Arkaja Singh, Fellow, Centre for Policy Research

Ganesh Shankar, Co-founder, Homehub

Shilpa Rao, Independent Consultant (Moderator)

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