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Spatio-temporal variation of private residential real estate in India: Part-I

By on March 12th 2021

The private residential real estate market in urban India is diverse, and housing typologies vary within and across geographies. This series of data pieces will try to highlight some of the characteristics of private real estate market in India across selected geographies between 2009-2019, based on data provided by Liases Foras, India’s only non-broking real-estate research company.

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‘Housing’ v. ‘houses’: why small towns are worse off

By on February 26th 2021

India’s urban landscape is dotted with a diversity of urban areas, where large metros like Delhi or Mumbai co-exist alongside a dense network of small towns. While house-building across the urban spectrum was significant and was equally high in all tiers of cities and towns over the past decade, the leap from houses to housing (viz. access to basic amenities) was not similarly universal over the same period.

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Distribution of PMAY-U houses in city sizes across states

By on January 5th 2021

What does PMAY-Urban data about sanctioned houses tell us about state policies with regard to adopting different verticals of the program across city sizes?

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Flats are increasingly popular housing choices

By on August 21st 2020

Flats, where multiple households live in the same structure, are increasingly popular and not just in large cities in India. What does the data tell us about the implications of this rising trend?

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